How will you be more productive and creative in convincing your target clients in your chosen business? Getting a YES from potentially interested customers is still a hard thing to do. But knowing the mistakes that you recently made and realizing why everything comes that way will let you avoid future marketing rejections. To cheerfully get a YES from your customers you may learn from the following:

  1.  You’re dealing with the wrong prospects

Your time and effort on calling and messaging a person for the purpose of sales will just be wasted when you hit the wrong individual.   High percentage of sales professionals have failed to get a YES due to insufficient supply of accurate and right data. Yes, every person can be your potential client but due to their differences, only few, or sometimes none of them will have positive response to you. That is why before sending marketing email or calls, you should first know whether the receiver is the the right person to contact. 

Knowing and classifying their background such as their position in their jobs and the role they perform on it will let you know how to communicate your marketing message in the most effective manner.

  1. The product or services that you offered may not be the right product for your prospect

Understanding what your buyers really want requires you to think beyond what you actually see. You must be aware that  there are only few buyers or clients who believe that sales professional can actually understand their demands or needs. Sometimes, to be an effective sales professional, you should first try to fit your mind in their thinking.

 If you’re one of what you called prospects, what do you think will be your decision regarding the sales message or strategy that you’ve created?  Get to know your prospects first before meeting or talking with them. Then you will surely have an effective communication with them.

  1. Getting knocked down by your competitors

Perhaps closing a deal will be a lot easier if there’s no one to compete. But with business in mind, competition is a constant thing. That is why the faster you respond to your clients needs, the more you are getting closer to your opportunity and win a particular deal.

  1. Failed to be vigilant regarding the readiness of a client to make a decision

 Everything just go hand in hand in making deals. Rushing things should be avoided because it will just drive your clients or customers away from you. Lots of people took a lot of time to decide. With this fact in mind, wise sales professionals will win their trust instead of pushing marketing details to the targets.

Everyone sales person makes mistakes. What you need to do is to act and realize your mistakes.  Successful sales professionals have experienced different mistakes to reach what they have now. To be like them and constantly get a YES,   you shouldn’t get tired of failing. It gives you a lot of chance to improve your marketing skills.