No matter what your sales process is, at some instances, you would have to engage your prospect to a live conversation. Prospecting is very important when doing sales. It helps to ensure the growth and further development of a particular business. It is something that every business owner should be care about in order to get a stable flow of brand new prospects into the pipeline of sales.

It is really important to adopt a right strategy when engaging with a prospect. Sometimes, however, this is neglected and almost dreaded. So what are the rules that should be taken into account when engaging with a prospect? Here are the dos and don’ts:

            Take time to prepare

Always remember that the more knowledgeable you are, the higher the chance of changing a call into a schedule of meeting. Before make a call, gather enough data such as companies’ background and history, products and customers etc., and enough information about the person you are planning to call. It’s always easy to use social media find enough information.

By doing this, you will be able to come up with more personalized opening and more targeting and better questions to ask. This kind of care level could be very impressive, and your knowledge of the prospect would induce them to experience a greater sense of comfort and familiarity about you and the sales.

Even when you do not have the time to perform any research regarding a prospect, perhaps you can glean everything that you need from the people you talk to on the way to your target. When you simply ask, you could usually gather all the details that you require even from a receptionist.

Stay cool  and logical, not too harsh and persistent

Sales prospecting must not be like harassing people. A prospect who is not interested this time might be interested the next day but when you have managed to insult or annoy them, they will turn their backs to you and call your competitor.

Build connections first before sales interest

When dealing with prospects, use an approach that is more relationship-based. By having this kind of mindset, treat each contact nicely and try to generate leads as a networking break. Even when the prospect is not interested in what you offer, you wish to see them thinking about you in a positive way, wondering whether they will be in need of your services or if they can refer your business to their colleagues. This particular approach appears slower on the face end yet it generates more quality leads more constantly compared to sales prospecting that is focused on the immediate closers.

Avoid talking to the wrong person

Ensure that you are not creating a list of leads who are not actually interested in your offer. You should know those people you should target and ensure that they are your sales prospecting.

Search for prospects that are peripheral

Talking to the wrong person is certainly wrong but aiming to get connected to consumers other than a decision-maker as part of the game sometimes is an excellent idea. It will help you get sales in an unexpected way.

The ability to build up relationship is one of the most important things for sales. Knowing what is right and wrong in sales prospecting will let you easily build up new relationships and close more deals faster.