Learning how to sell is an important ingredient to any B2B sales and marketing success. In simple term, a successful sale always involves effective negotiation and related sales techniques, together with eagerly listening to people in order to figure out what they like to buy. Once you’ve achieved all these elements, you’ll be able to easily close a deal for the benefit of both parties.   

As always mentioned, not every sales professional is a natural negotiator. Some really need to work hard to understand the complexities of closing business correctly. Additionally, the process of negotiation is always a challenge. It is never easy. It is so delicate that it requires careful process or steps which sales professionals must deal with. Below are some of the important keys toward a successful sales negotiation:

Sales techniques should begin with understanding a customer. What can make him interested in buying? What makes him tick? What is the problem which he’s trying to solve by purchasing from you? How much money is he willing to invest to solve that problem? Most customers are far more concern in talking about themselves than listening about you and the product you’re offering. Thus, getting a good understanding of customers will give you sales advantage.

Negotiate only when you have proven the good points of your product. People (buyers or customers) instantly like to know if you’re willing to give discounts. They often look for possible ways to reduce your sale price. While they are concerned to instantly figure out whether or not your price is justifiable or fair enough, don’t let this distract you. If you engage in money talks too soon, this will result to money-only talks. Make sure to start the conversation on how to solve a problem and why it is worth solving. How your product can solve their problem and how come it worth the trust and investment are some of the questions which you definitely need to answer before starting to negotiate and talk about discounts.

Give up something of equal value to something you get in return. Obviously, you are not only discounting for the sake of great sales. This is such a wrong move that will only affect your company’s goals. Thus, make sure to get something in return. For instance, you can agree to give a discount only if the customer refers you to other customers or if he agrees to be subjected in a study.

Take it Easy and Slow down. This is an important key to winning sales negotiation. In any moment, you may be caught off-guard once a customer asks for a discount. Oftentimes, because of your desperation to make a sale, you agreed to this without thinking about its possible effect to you and your company’s principles. Slow down. There is no need to rush the negotiation. Evaluate the situation before giving an answer.

In reality, there is no win-win situation as there will always be a party which gets more than the other. If you want to achieve higher winning percentage in marketing and sales, knowing the key in handling each sales negotiation is important.