What are relevant things that you need to know when dealing with marketing and sales? Marketing has become popular and relevant part of people’s lives nowadays.    With the demand and growing roles of marketing for business success, the efficiency and ability of sales professionals and marketers is always been challenged.  Single errors would mean great mistake and profit decrease.  If you are new in sales and marketing, what are the things that you should know as a marketer and sales professional? The following are practical advice for all sales and marketing professionals, especially for the beginners:

1.       Don’t just boast greatness instead present them  relevant facts

Relaying a generic message telling that you have amazing service, great selection and service is like telling your customers you have nothing special. You only need to convey what really make your products the perfect choice for customers.

2.        Use your marketing time wisely

It will just be a waste of time networking with strangers. All you need to do is to begin networking smaller and smarter. Invite potential people out and get to know them and their business well. You need to set goals in making connections and others will come to you naturally. Since you are a beginner, you may not know it but working on network of bigger groups of strangers is proven to be minimally productive.

3.       Be vigilant  on marketing traps

Do not fall into temptation just because you wanted to make bigger claims. You also need to get rid of mind-boggling jargons and empty promises because these lead you to nowhere. If you want successful sales and marketing efforts you need to speak on customer-specific dialect based on present homework and comprehensive research. You need to go directly to your source or your live customers and be able to get their challenges, pressures and priorities.

4.       Reducing and avoiding follow ups

Do not waste countless attempts of getting the attention of your customers. Avoid creating sales follow ups as soon as you have successfully positioned yourself as the right and trusted expert with intense testimonials. Customers will surely call you back.

5.       Passion without proper plan is useless

Although passion is proven to be necessary, it cannot be denied that passion alone is not enough to grow your startup. You can be passionate in everything you do but make sure to have a solid plan and strong plan B for back up. As a beginner, the more you think beyond and ahead of failure the higher the chance to elevate opportunity for success.

You need to review your marketing do’s and don’ts to ensure that your business and marketing skill will be successful the way you imagined it to be.