In an effort to improve search result accuracy, we added more than 200 job titles as search criteria recently. After these additions, we have a list of over 400 job titles under 16 employee departments.  These additions will allow a user to get related search results more effectively. A user can simply choose a job title and get a list of people related to that title in our database. These additions also better reflect the totality of real employment world in different industries, governments, non-profit organizations, etc. 

Many of these additions reflect new employment trends in different industries. For instance, in the executive department, we added positions such as Chief Creative Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Information Security Officer to reflect some of the new employment trends in the C-Level of corporate America. In the operations department, we added positions such as VP Asia Pacific and Director of Asia Pacific, since these positions become common in many companies with lots of international business. Inside sales or internet sales position also become popular in recent years. So we listed these positions separately in the sales department. In the marketing department, we listed new positions such as Social Media Director, Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Manager. We also listed new positions such as VP Software, Director of Software, Database Director, Networking Director in the IT department. 
We added Healthcare as a separate job department and listed job titles such as Chief Medical Officer, Chief Nursing Officer, VP Medical, VP Clinical, Director of Pharmacy, Medical Records Director etc. We also added a new job department “Other DEPT/Titles”  to include job titles such as realtor, reporter, designer, pastor, etc. 
We truly hope that these additions will allow our users to access contacts in popular and new employment fields more effectively. We will add more titles in the future to timely reflect the employment trends in corporate America.