Sales professionals should keep the reminders below in mind to stay on the right track and bring more sales to the company:  

Use different methods of contact to increase brand recognition.  

Don’t call a prospect repeatedly. It is unprofessional and annoying. Using different methods of contact can help you not only build brand recognition, but also increase the chances of your prospect listening to you on the phone. Introduce yourself through a hand written letter and then send a short informational email about your business to your prospect. Then, call them to follow up on your letter and email.

Use several contacts inside a company to boost your chances of getting a positive response. 

Contact different potential decision makers in the company. There’s a good chance that one of them will answer and tell you the right person you should get in touch with. One might even refer you to the right person. Focus your efforts on the right decision maker and bring up your recommendation to them. 

Take advantage of all resources you have.

When you need to get information to build relationships, use anything you can get such as the company website and social media sites.

It is fine to get a “no.”

Remember that there’s always a possibility to get a “no.” It’s fine. Don’t be dejected. Use that “no” to improve your efforts to gain a “yes” in your next deal. It’s also a good idea to let your prospect know that you are fine with his decision. Don’t forget to ask him if he has time to meet you, but this should be done only when the correct questions are asked and you’ve gained his interest.

Value your time.

Your time is important too. Don’t allow your prospects to ignore you like you are just wasting their time. You’ve spared some time to get in touch with them so that you could help them enhance their efficiency or solve a certain problem.

Set requirements for the meeting.

You want to set a meeting with your prospect because of certain reason. State the purpose of the call or meeting and take control of it. If your prospect doesn’t want to set a meeting or is pushed away, you won’t get the deal at any rate.

Ask your prospect what information he wants to get.

Ask what information your client wants and why they want it when they ask you to send some information.  You can focus your efforts on their answer.

Send a hand written thank you letter.

Send those who listen to you on the phone a hand written thank you letter. The letter doesn’t have to be fancy or exceptionally long. It just needs to show your appreciation and desire to work with them.

Gather information.

You have to get information by asking questions and use the information you get to create a solution that addresses your prospect’s needs. Remember that your job is to get information, not distribute it.

Sales professionals have one of the most important roles in a company. Without sales, no revenues would come to the company. You are an important person, so act like one and do your best.