Are you in a hurry marketing your service or products? Communicating marketing message to convince target costumers is never an easy task. Any single and simple mistake will turn effortful planning and preparation into a useless thing.  When aiming to succeed in making a deal, simple mistakes will lead you to negative result.  Here are some common mistakes that sales professional should be aware of.

·Hitting the wrong target

In business, every effort and time invested counts.  But behind all sacrifices and preparation in communicating to potential clients or buyers, hurtful possibility of rejection is always given. When you experience such, it’s a clear sign that you have hit the wrong prospect.

Any established business that offers a product or service aims to serve a particular type of person. For example in clothing industry, established business (most especially the small clothing one) chooses to offer certain apparel suitable only for women. With this arrangement, marketing strategies starts from having the right communication or contact with the right person.  

Expanding business starts from dealing with the suitable person to create valuable changes within the operation of the business. If you are one of those sales professionals, having access to accurate and updated data (such as email address or phone numbers) of interested clients will make your marketing deals productive.

· More talks

 If you want your marketing points to be understood by your potential clients, you should also need to listen to whatever they say.    If you let yourself discuss everything and encourage your buyers too much, they’ll surely get irritated instead of being interested.   Asking ample relevant questions and showing interest in listening to their answers will enable you to enhance your marketing message.   Through knowing their insights, you’re making a relevant and possibly positive conversation with them. Less talking and more on listening is advisable for sales professionals like you.

·Snail responses

The more you prolong responses, the more you lose chances of winning a buyer or client. If it takes several hours for you to response with questions that only needs several minutes to response, you may be in the risk of losing to your competitors.  When it comes to such as software industry, the required response will just take less than a minute. So to be effective, you must go with the flow.

· Rushing things

When you want to effectively sell and be successful in your marketing plan, patience and right timing should be observed. Rushing buyers to invest to you will just make them uninterested with your offer. You must remember that in business, there’s always a process.  The first thing that you need to do is to win your buyers’ trust. Through right timing and attitude, right result could be achieved.

· Neglecting metrics

Most sales professionals aim to gain more profit.  With this, metrics (learning what they can and can’t do more) are often set aside. If you’re one of these sales professionals, tracking your metrics, will enable you to identify possible mistakes, which let you improve later on.

Business world doesn’t offer safe zone for sales and marketing players. Ignoring a perceived simple mistake can lead into a complex serious problem.  So it’s better to pay attention to any single and simple problems that may arise for you to avoid so much trouble.