AI technology and analytics plays an increasingly important role in B2B sales. While many orginazitions still struggle, high-performing sales organizations has already taken AI-powered data and analytics to a new level to differentiate themselves from the also-rans. At Joesdata, one of our important goals is to provide AI-powered solutions for sales and related activities such as lead generation, lead scoring, coverage planning, pipeline management and forecasting, dynamic target scoring, customer life time value maximization.


Radically Improve Lead Generation

At Joesdata, we not only provide contact emails and phone numbers but also track company news, social media activities, company competitive settings, financing activitie, management changes etc. to generate a "360 degree" view of a potential target. Based on detailed and granular data sets on each company, we could further develop algorithms to predict which factors truly matter in lead conversion. Many of our customers use such predictive insights to guide their sales strategy accordingly and see a leap in their ability to identify the most promising opportunities and convert them.

Connect Prospects At The Right Time

Timing is everything. If you contact a prospect right after they buy similar product from your competitors, they're not going to bite. But if you know they're searching for a new vendor, you can reach out to your prospect before they finish the research. You will get a good chance to have your message heard with much more interest. At Joesdata, we track over 20 types of sales trigger events such as job role changes, company expansion, company relocation, changes in hiring velocity, new strategic initiatives, entrance to new market, etc. to ensure that you contact the prospects at the right time.


Better Territory Planning With Richer Data And Analytics

With the aid of our AI technology, it's easy to target your entire addressable/available market and identify missing accounts in your target markets, whether across town or across the globe. Our company news, social insights, competitive analysis, sales triggers, and firmographics provides you a solid foundation for your sales territory planning, opportunities expansion, and growth acceleration.

Better Account-Based Selling And Sales Development

Joesdata account based intelligence enables account-based selling by giving sales leaders the insights needed to engage with prospects at a personal level. Sales leaders will be able to use the insights to identify, expand, and engage target accounts. Our account based intelligence helps sales leaders identify the best people to contact at target companies, determine the moment when prospects are ready to make a purchasing decision and the moment to contact, and develop the highest impact and individualized messages to deliver to each prospect.