Find the Right People for the Right Positions. Faster. Easier.

Recruiting today looks very different than it did just a decade or two ago. The process of collecting and analyzing job applications have moved into a completely digital direction with richer insights into candidates than ever. The resume is not just a piece of paper, it's a collection of all data that can be found online. Recruiting has shifted away from a decision model based on past practices and intuition toward data-driven decisions. At Joesdata, we not only provide contact data for executives but also are trying to collect data such as a person's interests, profile and needs based on public available information. Such information will help provide a 360-degree holistic view of top executives and will allow recruiters to easily find and evaluate top job candidates.

Customer Acquisition

Our comprehensive coverage of data and analytics helps you understand the whole picture of the total available market you are at and help you identify what firms could like to be your target market. With our AI-powered and natural language search, you will not miss a single target in the segement or industry you are focusing on.

Hiring Intelligence

Our growth indicators such as company funding activities, social statistics, company news, management changes, etc. will allow you to pick up the fastest growing companies, which usually have more demand on hirings. Instead of checking all the companies in the available market, you can forcus on the top 20% to 30% of the high growth companies. With less time spent, you may get much more sales.

Candidate Sourcing

Research shows that around 15% to 20% workforce aren't actually apply for jobs but are preparing to move. Our database includes more than 80% of the high level working professionals in the US. Our advanced 20+ filters will allow you find such passive candidates in any industry or any geographic area. Our direct contact phone and emails will let you contact them directly.

Perfect Your Hiring Strategy


We monitor jobs changes within corporate America on a daily basis. Our daily hiring update not only provide you with sales and marketing triggers but also allow you to understand the hiring trends in a particular industry or a particular geographic area. Our database help HR build and manage a pipeline of qualified candidates. Our predictive analytics provide detailed staffing insights and allow you to transform your recruiting strategy to a new level.